4 augusti 2014

FabScraps page no 3 for Summer CHA .:. Style explosion using Industrial Chic Collection

On this page I played around with gesso, colors and stamps and I enjoyed every second of the process.

For This Project You Will Need
    FabScraps Industrial Chic paper range: C67 002, 004, 006 and 008
    FabScraps Industrial Chic Journal Box MC67 001A
    FabScraps Industrial Chic stickers ST67 002
    FabScraps Industrial Chic Die Cuts DC67 003 and 008
    FabScraps Stencils and metal bug decoration
    Stamps, gesso, mist, ink, acrylic colour, glaze, stencils, black pen, modelling paste, 3Dfoam

1.                   Use C67 004 as a base.
2.                   Mount on a  12x12 chipboard to get a steady base for the mixed media.
3.                   Add transparent gesso all over the page. Let dry.
4.                   Add some white gesso here and there and let dry.
5.                   Add some stamps randomly. Let dry.
6.                   Mist with blue/turquoise colour. Also splat. Let dry.
7.                   Add squares using a mask and modelling paste. Let dry.
8.                   Add orange mist on the squares using a paint brush.
9.                   Cut a piece 3x5” from C67 006. Outline with a black pen.
10.               Cut a small piece of C67 002 and 008 and outline with a black pen.
11.               Cut a piece 4.5 x 4.5 “ from C67 006.
12.               Add all these.
13.               Add the photo on 3Dfoam.
14.               Paint the chipboard DC 003 and 008 black. Let dry. Cut the shape in halves and “one of the halves in several pieces. Add.
15.               Cut out the round shape from MC67 001A and the stars. Add göaze to the stars and let dry..
16.               Mount the stickers ST67 002 on white plain paper to make less transparent. Cut out, mount on 3Dfoam and add to the shield. Add to the page.
17.               Cut out “boxes” from C67 006 and the “8” from MC67 001A and add.
18.               Add brads to the stars and add.
19.               Cut out birds from C67 008, add glaze, let dry and add on 3Dfoam.
20.               Add stickels to the word “style explosion” to create texture. Let dry and paint turquoise . Let dry and add some gesso here and there on the word.  
21.               Add a pearl to the shield.
22.               Add some gesso here and there.
23.               Enjoy

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