30 november 2015

Page with FabScraps Zooty Cuties .:. Adora Bubble

Here is another page with FabScraps Zooty Cuties. Hope you like it !

For This Project You Will Need:

   FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 001 x 1
   FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 006 x 1
   FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 007 x 1
   FabScraps Zooty Cuties MC81 001A x 1
   FabScraps Elegant Chic DS041 x 1
   FabScraps Zooty Cuties DC81 006 x 1
   FabScraps Zooty Cuties ST81 001 x 1
   Doily (half)
   Distress ink
   Black sparkling embossing powder
   Punches, mini stapler, 3D foam
   Washi tape, White CS

1.     Use the white CS as the base. Ink the edge using distress ink. Add a line of circles using the FabScraps Zooty Cuties DS041 mask and distress ink. Ad a few more random circles using the same technique.
2.     Cute 5 ½ “ x 11 ¼ “ piece of the FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 007 and a 4 ¾ “ x 11 ½ “ piece of the FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 001. Ink the edges. Add to the page just below the line of circles you just created.
3.    Cut a stripe from the FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 001 and add.
4.     Cut a 4 ¾ “ x 4 ¾ “ piece from the FabScraps Zooty Cuties MC81 001A, In k the edges and use as a photo mat.
5.     Cut another piece 5” x 4 ¾” , add the half doily, ink the edges and add.
6.     Pop out a tag, the tickets and the banner. Ink the edges. Add some washi tape to the tag and also to the edges of the photo and add. Staple down.
7.     Cut stripes from FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 001 and 006. Ink the edges and add to the bottom of the page.
8.    Punch out circles in two sizes from the FabScraps Zooty Cuties C81 006. Ink the edges. Put the smaller circles onto 3D foam and add.
9.     Emboss the DC81 006 word with black sparkling embossing powder. Cut off the frame and add.
10. Your layout is now ready to frame and hang!

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