23 november 2015

LO with the Tranquility collection from FabScraps .:. Good for the soul

I love the Tranquility collection from FabScraps.
I made a page using the same style as the card I showed last week.

For This Project You Will Need:

   FabScraps Tranquility C75 001 x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility C75 003x 2
   FabScraps Tranquility C75 005x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility C75 008 x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility DC75 007x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility ST75 002x1
   Stamps, ink, rhine stones
   Black sparkling embossing powder
   3D foam, Distress ink, lace

1.     Use one of the C75 003 as the base
2.     Cut out leaves/vines from the other piece of C75 003 and add on both sides and the top.
3.    Stamp randomly over the base.
4.     Cut a 6x 4 ½ “ piece from the C75 005.
5.     Cut a 5 ½ x 4” piece from the C75 008 add on top and add the photo.
6.     Cut 2 stripes from the C75 005 and add.
7.     Add lace
8.    Add stickers from the S75 005.
9.     Cut circles from the C75 001 and add
10.  Add rhine stones on the circles.
11.  Emboss the DC003 title and add.
12.  Ink the edges of the page.
13. Your layout is now ready to frame and hang!

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