25 november 2015

LO with the Tranquility collection from FabScraps .:. Life is beautiful

Did I tell you I love the Tranquility collection from FabScraps -LOL - I do I do I do.
Here is another page:

For This Project You Will Need:

   FabScraps Tranquility C75 003 x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility C75 004x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility C75 006x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility C75 008 x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility DC75 003x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility DC75 010x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility DC75 014x 1
   FabScraps Tranquility MC75 001Ax 1
   FabScraps Tranquility ST75 002x1
   Two flowers
   White embossing powder
   3D foam, Distress ink, pearls

1.     Use one of the C75 008 as the base. Ink the edges.
2.     Cut a 11 ¼ by 11 ¼ “ piece from te C75 003. Ink the edges. Add to the base.
3.    Cut out a 8 medallion big piece from the C75 006. Ink the edges. Add.
4.     Cut out another medallion from the C75 006. Ink the edges. Add on the right edge.
5.     Cut stripes from the C75 004. Ink the edges. Add.
6.     Add two swirls from the MC75 001A cut one of them in two pieces, because you need a little piece for the edge as well. Add. Add the photo.
7.     White emboss the DC 75 003, 010 and 014 and add.
8.    Cut a circle from the C75 008. Ink the edges. Add.
9.     Place a sticker from the ST 75 002 on white paper, cut out and add on 3D foam.
10.  Add two flowers.
11.  Add pearls on the swirls.
12. Your layout is now ready to frame and hang!

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