12 november 2014

#Cute A2Z Scraplets Hashtag word and star in a circle

Have you seen the #hashtag words? They are so useful. And in the latest release we also got the cutest shapes in circles Love them ♡

I made the background using lots and lots of masks and modeling paste. Then I covered it all with gesso. After it was completely dry I sprayed it with green and blue mist and water to make it drip.

The star in a circle I just white embossed and then painted some very thin layer of gold stickers on top. i also covered the rest of the shapes with a thin layer of gold stickels. 
The #Cute word I covered with several layers of gesso, mist, gelato and finally some transparent turquoise embossing powder to get a worn look.

The wood veneer feathers I just diped in turquoise acrylic color.

A2Z Scraplets used:
Circle tabs set 
Love Cute SoFunny Hashtag wordlets

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Bente Fagerberg sa...

Gorgeous page with lovely colours and details. Love the #Cute and the butterflies in the background! Have a nice day! :-)