20 oktober 2012

Stamped Candles

Some time ago Lisa at You Do showed a tutorial on how to stamp on candles and I just knew I had to try it.

I really love the result and it is now up on the Photocentrics blog and FB:

What you need
August Photocentric downloads to make stamps with the Teresa Collins Stampmaker
Napkin or tissue paper, ink and embossing fan
What to do
The stamps in the august kit are so beautiful I cannot stop using them. I decided to transfer the stamps onto candles. Now that we are drawing towards the long dark evenings these candles will not only look good they will add a warm glow to the evenings.

Stamp on a tissue paper. Cut out the shape. Divide the tissue into layers and make sure you only use 1 layer. Put the stamped image on the candle and put an oven paper on top. Warm gently with your embossing fan in circular moves. 
Time taken: 15 minutes
Be careful so you do not heat too much and ruin your candle. Use a candle of not too high quality. Too high quality candles will not work, they will melt before the image sticks.


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Bente Fagerberg sa...

Underbart fina ljus att piffa upp i höstmörkret. Har aldrig testat detta men det verkar ju hur roligt som helst!!