12 januari 2011

Traces of Christmas

I have made some simple gift wraps from envelopes and some pattern paper and ribbons.

Jag har gjort några enkla paketpåsar med kuvert, mönstrat papper och band.

Do it like this:

1. seal an envelope; you can use different sizes but a square envelope is best.
2. cut off one of the sides.
3. start at te top (the open side) and decorate for example with stripes of paper
4. when you are almost at the bottom, fold the sides and the botomm and then open up the envelope to make a bag out of it.
5. Fold in the bottom and seal
6. Fill with goodies and seal the top by folding it.
7. some last decorations and voila - a sweet gift exchange package with yummy goodies inside.

Best Creation FaLaLa Christmas collection - GP418, 429, 423
Martha stewart border punch
Tim Holtz alterations die

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

great idea & pretty too

Carol sa...

I love your little flowers! Super cute ;)