7 augusti 2013

These two means trouble ♥ FabScraps Wild at Heart

Bland de härliga nyheterna från CHA finns FabScraps serie Wild at Heart ♥
På den finns lite skate-motiv som jag tycker funkar även till rullskridsko-foton. Hela serien finns på CiLi in papers webshop.

On the latest collection Wild at Heart from FabScraps you will some skating papers that I think work just as fine for inlines photos.

 I played with the stickers

The chipboard word Trouble was just perfect for the title.

 Time 2 ride also suited this page

For This Layout You Will Need
  • FabScraps Wild at heart paper range: C59 002, 003, 004, 005 and MC59 001A
  • DC59 007 Tag,  DC59 010 Time 2 ride and DC59 011 trouble Chip board
  • Stickers ST59 001
  • FabScraps E5 012 Dragon flies
  • Mask with gesso. Dylusions ink.
  • Letter stickers.
  • Drywall tape.
  • Ribbon.
  • Brick wall stamp. Viewmaster reel stamp. Edge scraper. Distress ink. Sewing machine.

  1. Use a C59 003 as background. Cut off 3/4” on two sides. Distress the edge using an edge scraper and distress ink.
  2. Take C59 004 and use behind. Distress the edge using an edge scraper and distress ink.
  3. Put the first paper on top of the second and stitch on.
  4. Stamp on the Viewmaster reel and add the gear sticker. Let dry.
  5. Add the mask using gesso. Let dry and add some Drywall tape. Spray on some mist. I used dylusions ink. Spray on water to make it drip down on the page. Let dry.
  6. Alter the two chipboard words using first gesso and after that I dry add some brick wall stamping. Let dry and ink the edges.
  7. Cut two stripes of C59 004 to use behind the chipboard. Cut a piece of C59 003slightly bigger. Trim the edges and distress all edges. Add some Drywall tape and then add the chipboard words on 3D tape.
  8. Take one big tag from DC59 007. Paint the edges with gesso.  Let dry.
  9. Cut out the tag from MC59 001A. Save the corners, you will use them on the photos. Punch a hole to the tag. Distress the edges and add to the tag. Tie a ribbon.
  10. Cut out two pieces of C59 002 and trim the edges. Add some ticket stickers from ST59 001 to one of them. Distress the edges.
  11. Take 3 photos and arrange them together. Stitch on the corners you cut off (9).
  12.  Add (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11).
  13. Add the letter stickers “These 2 means”
  14. Add the dragon fly.       
  15. Enjoy!


2 kommentarer:

Monique Liedtke sa...

Awesome page Petra!! and I just love that photo :)

Bente Fagerberg sa...

Jättefin sida. Gillar verkligen det 'nätet' som du har langsmed ytterkanten. -Undrar om det kan vara en del av mönstret på det bruna pappret. Rött o brunt är bara läckert!!