5 mars 2012

Smile - stamping with a stencile and then embossing

Hi everyone!
I am going to show you what happens when you use a stencil to stamp. I choose a big swirl and pressed it carefully against a Watermark/embossing ink pad and then I carefully placed it on my page. I then used a brayer to make sure i got a transfer onto my page.
After removing the stencil, I just poured on the embossing powder as normal and heated with an embossing fan. If you do not have that you can hold it over the electric stove - works just as well.

This is the result - do you like it?

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2 kommentarer:

Jennie sa...

ja, vad coolt! Öppnar fler möjligheter! Kan ta stämpeldynan rakt mot pappret genom en mask också!

Anna sa...

Mycket snyggt! Jag gillar de roliga detaljerna på den här också!