15 februari 2012

2 days of ♥ celebrtation

As my birthday is the day after Valentines day I seldom get celebrated on Valentines day. Today however I got the best presents ever from my dear family ♥ LOVE YOU

This page was made for You Do's Valentines celebration and can be seen in the You Do blog together with the creations of rest of the team.



3 kommentarer:

Jennie sa...

Hurra för dig idag! Såg din fina på youdo igår, gillar speicellt papperslagerna och de fina hjärtanen.

kana sa...

Lovely layout!! and Happy Birthday Petra!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

Teresa sa...

Happy Birthday even though it is a bit late!!! I hope that you had a wonderful day with the kids and hope you have many, many more :) Yay!